Amateur Radio

The amateur radio community is very important for the SwissCube operations. Indeed, they provide useful data that allow us to monitor the satellite ouside the range of our antennas.
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  • Frequency: ~437.505Mhz
  • Antenna: UHF
  • Callsign: HB9EG/1
  • CW Beacon:
  • Frames (AX.25):
    • Measured frequency inside thermal chamber: 437.500 to 437.506 MHz
    • Modulation: BFSK
    • Antenna: UHF
    • Transceiver mode: USB
    • Bitrate: 1200bps
    • Activated manually from the ground only when passing above Switzerland by day with fully charged batteries.
    • More information and documents (registration required)


We are providing two applications to the amateur radio community:

  • CW Beacon Decoder
    The beacon decoder allows to convert morse signal from an audio file into housekeeping values.
  • AX.25 Downlink Forwarder
    The downlink forwarder allows people in range of the spacecraft when above our ground stations to listen and forward the BSFK downlink to us.

Mission Data
By using these applications, amateur radio operators can relay the housekeeping streams (downlink + beacon) to the mission data repository. After processing by our servers, the most up-to-date data is available on a dedicated page.